It started with a happy hour

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harry goldberg
Founding Member and CEO
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Born from a post-pandemic San Francisco happy hour, HealthTech Hang has blossomed into a global community of thousands of members from SF to NYC and beyond.

Sparked after JPM 2022, there was a need for genuine, in-person connection, and Harry Goldberg was just the right inspired extrovert to gather people together.  The goal has always been to create a space for HealthTech and healthcare professionals to connect, share, and build.  Now, we're a thriving network where founders, clinicians, operators, enablers, and students unite to advance healthcare.  

Here's to shaping the future together!

our mission

Empowering HealthTech innovation
and careers through community
and genuine connections.

HealthTech Hang | Our mission

Our mission is to empower growth-oriented professionals — founders, clinicians, investors, builders, operators, sellers, administrators, enablers, and students — by providing a collaborative platform for sharing ideas, cultivating opportunities, and building meaningful relationships.

Through our intentional events, network-powered services, and curated resources, we strive to dismantle industry silos, enhance career development, and accelerate technology innovation.  In doing so, we are committed to improving the healthcare industry and the health of individuals and families, ensuring every voice is heard and every member thrives.

HealthTech Hang | Our mission
vision statement

Through our vibrant community, we envision a future where technology seamlessly and safely integrates into healthcare to significantly enhance patient outcomes, streamline care delivery, and democratize access to health products & services.  HealthTech Hang will meaningfully empower the future of healthcare, cultivating an ecosystem where members not only thrive in their careers & lives but also contribute to a healthier world for all.

HealthTech Hang aspires to be a sought-after community at the forefront of healthcare innovation, where every HealthTech and healthcare professional can find a home to have fun & connect, recruit & hire, raise & deploy capital, grow their company & impact, build & operate their businesses, and develop skills.

Our values and code of conduct